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Climate Change and Environment Program

Sashakt has a comprehensive program to build a movement of people who know how to practice correct behaviours towards handling and conserving natural resources so that future generations have a habitable planet and can thrive.

Sashakt has a comprehensive program to build a movement of people who know how to practice correct behaviours towards handling and conserving natural resources so that future generations have a habitable planet and can thrive. Being responsible for one’s waste, minimizing consumption, indulging in sustainable approaches towards flora, fauna and all natural resources is central to this. The program is designed to build awareness and leadership among school children and communities like Slums, Housing Societies etc. to lead the fight against environment degradation and climate change. We also conduct waste management program in housing societies, slums and schools across Gujarat and Ranchi, Jharkhand. Apart from providing awareness education we train RWA’s, Waste workers, Students and Teachers on Waste segregation, composting and Kitchen Garden. Sashakt works closely with Municipal Corporations in Ahmedabad and other cities. Currently we run a 100 school program supported by the Climate Change department of the Govt. of Gujarat. Tree Plantation is an integral part of the package of activities that has been stitched together into a curriculum. Some of the components of this program are

  • Tree Plantation Program
  • Environment School Program
  • Solid Waste Awareness Program
  • Training of Sanitary Inspectors
  • Climate Change Conferences and workshops
  • Model Village Program
  • Kitchen Garden Awareness
Tree Plantation Program

Sashakt runs tree plantation campaigns implemented alongside environmental education and awareness, to promote environmental stewardship, encouraging a sense of responsibility of the planted trees. About 500 trees were planted by Sashakt in Borij village of Gandhinagar in collaboration with Municipal Corporation Gandhinagar along with school children. More than 1000 trees were planted by Sashakt in association with Municipal Corporation Ahmedabad with the support of Climate Change Department, Government of Gujarat using Miyawaki technique in space of 300 sq. meters. Overall by July 2020 more than 5000 tress have been planted in Gujarat and Jharkhand with complete after care ensuring more than 90% survival.

Environment School Program

Environment School Program is a fundamental initiative which encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it.

Environment School Program is an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both the school and the local community while at the same time having a life-long positive impact on the lives of young people, their families, school staff and local authorities. So we started with some schools in district of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Kheda in the state of Gujarat. Wherein, Sashakt is conducting Paryavaran Yoddha Program with the aim to interact with children for along-term training and to create impact through different activities which can be done on a day to day basis by the children in school and homes. Topics covered under the program were solid waste management, tree plantation, energy conservation, water conservation, etc. Awareness was spread through different mediums of IEC activities like street play, local language songs etc.

Solid Waste Awareness Program

Raising awareness about municipal solid waste management is a critical component of effective waste management. It is important for key stakeholders to be aware of a city’s waste management activities and have a strong understanding of the benefits of proper solid waste management. In contributed to Swachh Bharat Mission in collaboration with Municipal Corporations of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

In Ahmedabad we have been conducting Solid Waste Awareness and Segregation Programs since 2017.Over the years in different societies we create awareness about importance of segregation and the different ways to make compost at homes. Training of Housekeeping Staff, door to door visit of residents and connecting Municipal Collection Workers to the society. In each society we try to set up a group or committee to manage the so that it can made sustainable by community leading the way on their own.

In addition to this a solid waste awareness park displaying the different modes for composting from individual to large scale is being set up. In Gandhinagar we are composting the leaves generated within government parks at source itself to create a sustainable model. We have adopted Borij Village in district Gandhinagar wherein we are working there to make the village garbage free through Segregation and composting at source itself.

Training of Sanitary Inspectors

To enhance the capacity of the Municipal Corporation Ahmedabad Sanitary Inspectors, we conducted several capacity building trainings so that they can equip themselves about the various ways to manage Solid Waste and the latest techniques available in the market. Similarly, for sweepers we conduct training to make them aware of the importance of not burning waste and safety equipment to be used while caring the cleaning activities.

Climate Change Conference

In collaboration with Government of Gujarat, Sashakt and ARC Foundation had conducted a Climate Change Conference in June 2019. It was attended by approximately 400 participants which included dignitaries from government organizations, students from various school, colleges and NCC. Panel discussions and talks by various environmentalists and environmental NGOs were held, to enlighten and enrich the experience of participants.

Model Village Program through Solid Waste Management

The benefits of Sashakt’s programs are not just limited to urban areas, but also extend to rural areas. In Gandhinagar District we have adopted Borij Village where we work with school children and villagers to spread awareness and practical implementation of Solid Waste Management through Segregation, Collection and Processing at Source. In Pratapgarh Village of Amreli, we are working with Panchayat and villagers for segregation of Waste at Source, Collection from source in a segregated manner and process the waste in village by making compost as well as selling to local recyclers for generation of funds.

Kitchen Garden Awareness

Sashakt conducts workshops in partnership with Pots & Greens, about kitchen gardening at zero budgets or no cost. Here we show how from our own kitchen it is possible to grown chemical free and healthy food within our own homes. Topics such as composting kitchen waste, making bio-enzymes, seed available in the kitchen, growing herbs, etc. are covered.