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About sashakt

The word ‘Sashakt’ is a Hindi word that means empowered or strengthened.

Sashakt Foundation was established in 2016 by Pratik Kumar, with the aim to develop a sustainable, and community led society. Sashakt Foundation believes that the human race and the natural habitat need to thrive together for mankind to be better off in the long run. As an environment ngo and a ngo working with adolescent girls, Sashakt Foundation believes in creating a future where mankind is empowered, and mother-nature strengthened because only together can the benefits be sustained





Our Vision

A world where people and planet coexist in perfect harmony ensuring lasting well-being and prosperity.

Our Mission

Sashakt works with young people, especially adolescent girls so that they become empowered and lead from the front. We encourage use of modern technology and innovations to help develop all sections of society. Sashakt enables individuals and communities to contribute to the sustenance of planet earth and undertake emergency relief work during disaster situations.

Urgent Cause

Syria: Millions of People doesn’t Eat All Day

Royal Parks Half Marathon Dharms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee…

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    July 10, 2021

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What We Do

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Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program

Adolescence is a vulnerable period in one’s life- a time when many important social, cultural, economic and biological events take place which set the stage for adulthood.


Climate Change and Environment Program

Sashakt has a comprehensive program to build a movement of people who know how to practice correct behaviours towards handling and conserving natural resources so that future generations have a habitable planet and can thrive.


Digital And Financial Literacy

As the world is going digital, Sashakt Foundation is making a significant contribution towards increasing Digital Literacy.


Disaster Relief

Ever since the global pandemic hit India, Sashakt worked to ensure that marginalised communities survive the harsh situation facing them with economic activities coming to a halt and complete lockdown enforced.

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Digital and Financial Literacy


Adolescent girls empowerment


Environment Programme


Emergency Relief



Transparency certificate

We are proud to share that Sashakt Foundation has been awarded the GuideStar India Transparency Certificate which symbolizes our Transparency in the utilization of donations and funds GuideStar India certifies NGOs based on their level of transparency & public accountability after rigorous due diligence carried out by the team of certification experts. Due diligence is based on verifying financial and legal compliances consisting of thorough scrutiny of registration documents, tax returns, FCRA returns, audited financial statements & auditor’s reports, public disclosures on our portal, reporting key facts to stakeholders as per our Annual Report disclosure template and confirmation of third party site visits and references.